Hello, world!

I’m super pumped, jazzed, excited, thrilled, psyched, enlivened, and whatever other adjectives come to mind, about this blog.  I’ve tried blogging before.  And if ever there is a website called Blog Fail, like Pinterest Fail, I’ll be all over that!

Given my many failed attempts at the blog-o-sphere, I’m trying the Zero to Hero 30 Days Challenge so that I can actually make this happen.  The first challenge is to “Introduce Yourself.”

And here I am, introducing myself.

And I have lots to say about education and what it’s like to be an educator in this crazy age of testing, Common Core, testing, teacher evaluations, and more testing.

I teach 12th grade AP  English literature and English 11 at a public high school. I’m also the Language Arts department chair (not English, as the Spanish Language Arts teachers have moved in with us, to create a true Language Arts Department) and the Bilingual Co-Coordinator (which is essentially why the Spanish Language Arts teachers moved in with us).

I am also curious about what happens next.  Will I be a classroom teacher for the rest of my life? This is what I’m trying to figure this out, as I’m also navigating the halls of my high school (both literally and figuratively).

This should be fun!


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