So I Googled “Instagram for Educators”

I was considering adding an Instagram to my new social network repertoire, as Catherine reported having just downloaded it when I showed up at her house for our last work session.

So I Googled “Instagram for Educators” and all I saw were blog entries about how to use instagram in the classroom.  Like this oneAnd this one.

But what happens at a low-income, public high school, such as mine, where we have families who can barely keep one phone in the family, let alone a smart phone for every child.

This is extremely disconcerting and I am reminded how so many of New Mexico’s brightest students will be left behind as technology, to varying degrees, becomes an integral part of our society.

In fact, in Gallup, NM (where I went to middle school) there are students who don’t have internet access at all.  Not because they simply can’t afford it (probably that too) but because it simply isn’t available to them!  It is well documented that much of the Native American the reservations are without internet access and to require students to drive miles of unpaved roads to the nearest library is just ridiculous.

And then what of my original search?

I changed my search phrase a little, to include “Educators Using Instagram to Network” and I did find this interesting article about how Universities are using Instagram.

The State Department of Ed even has an Instagram.

Then I felt inspired.  Maybe we can use Instagram to promote nostalgia, as the article suggests.  Maybe all we need in this overgrown (but by no means overblown) debate about education, as a little reminder of what it was like all those years ago to be in school. A reminder that who we serve is students, not what we serve is corporations and special interests.

Or maybe these images can even by used as a wake up call about what it is like to be in school today. Limited access to text books or novels (especially in Spanish), gloomy classrooms with no windows, libraries with no librarian, the list goes on and on.

Things have certainly changed (especially access to technology and the internet) but there is a feeling that remains true in high school.  I feel it every day when I’m around squirrely teenagers trying to find their way in the world.  I see it in my seniors who are on the cusp of something they can only imagine. And I remember being there myself, not so long ago.

But can this feeling be captured on Instagram?


2 thoughts on “So I Googled “Instagram for Educators”

  1. Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. I’d been toying with the idea of Instagram, but didn’t want to share pictures of my food or anything. 🙂 I’d never considered it as a networking tool.

    So what’d you decide? Are you joining?

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