Stayin’ alive! Stayin’ alive! Stayin’ alive!

Ah! ah! ah! ah! Stayin’ aliiiiiiiiiiive!


I bet you were singing that Bee Gees tune in your head!

And I’m staying alive! I made it through the school year in one piece. But maybe a little more burned out than I first realized.

My last post was in MARCH! About Ash Wednesday and giving things up for lent and procrastinating with distractors such as The Real Housewives of (anywhere in the country), trashy TV.

The blog nagged at me, after I lost momentum in March (apparently). But I spent all of my free time writing. Just not on the blog. Or on the novel/short story I’d like to someday begin writing. But on my National Boards for English Language Arts, Adolescence and Young Adulthood.

Holy crap. That was a lot of writing. And a lot of editing. And a lot of videoing myself teaching. And a lot of editing my videos of myself teaching. And a lot of writing about my videos of me teaching. And Holy crap. It was a lot.

But I submitted two days before it was due. And I took my written exam last Friday, before I left for our district’s last AVID Summer Institute.

I think I passed. I sure hope I passed. But I won’t know for sure until they release the scores in November. 5 months from now!

But I promise I won’t wait that long to post again.

I wish I really had written more last year. We did some amazing things at school and in class. Last year was my first year as Bilingual Co-Coordinator at school and the first year we had a PD committee, which I also sat on.  And those two things were certainly educational experiences and I wish I’d captured some of that. But nonetheless, there will be plenty to write about again this year!

I’m teaching AP Literature and Composition again at the 12th grade and I’ll also teach the AVID elective at 9th grade for the first time! This is the first time since I started teaching that I won’t have an English 11 class. It’s almost bittersweet. I love the curriculum and I’ll miss it but it seems like the last few years have largely focused on test preparation for the myriad standardized tests required for graduation. I feel like even if I had to struggle with test prep, I’ve tried to provide my English 11 students with enough strategies that they can be successful in 12th grade and hopefully college.

And this is the big question that I’m working out now: What level/strategies do my AP Lit and Comp students need to be successful in college?

In the past, I feel like I’ve focused more on content and composition, that I have on specific, applicable, reading and writing strategies. And I think that was a mistake. Yet, many of them are already efficient readers and writers. I just need to up the ante, so to speak.

I’m looking forward to starting the new school year and writing about the new school year. But first, I’ll be sure to finish and enjoy my summer vacation!


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