4:17 AM

I’ve been unable to sleep for the last three hours, after waking up to dogs barking and a loud crash from our roof.  It turns out, when we had our roof redone two years ago, the roofers did not completely reattach the solar panels. Ooops.  Now one is hanging literally by a thread/some sort of electrical cords. Thanks, wind.

Home ownership is no joke.

But now I can’t seem to go back to sleep.  My mind is racing, while my body is tired.

Tomorrow we graduate another class of seniors and getting these 311 students to the finish line and through the seemingly endless assortment of ceremonies has plumb worn me out. It’s such an exciting time, while also emotionally exhausting and physically grueling.

But I didn’t come here to complain!

I haven’t written here in two years, which seems about right.  Last year all of my writing energy went into my National Boards (which I finally passed this past November!) and this year I’ve committed 100% of my energy into my class and the Dual Language program.  And it has paid off!

We had 55 seniors graduate with the Bilingual Seal on their diploma (58 were eligible but unfortunately, 3 did not graduate).  I am so proud of these young men and women and their commitment to their education.  These kids sacrifice an elective each year to take Spanish Language Arts and take an average of 5-6 credits taught in Spanish, exceeding the minimum district requirement of 4 content credits in Spanish. They are amazing! In addition to this, they must pass an oral and written portfolio assessment in both English and Spanish, in which they reflect on and present their educational experience throughout their Dual Language education. Amazing!

Next time, maybe I’ll share more about our philosophy and program structure. And maybe that next time won’t be two years from now.


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